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Overview of services

The Schuler engineering office has been family-run and active in structural engineering for over 50 years and offers comprehensive services in the entire range of structural engineering.

Thanks to our committed and trusting cooperation with planners, authorities and contractors, we have been able to contribute to the realisation of numerous projects at home and abroad.

Our clients are private and public clients, general contractors and contractors, construction and façade construction companies in Germany and abroad.

Our close links to recognised research and material testing institutes provide us with an excellent network in all areas of engineering, which we are happy to use on a project-specific basis.

We are particularly focussed on the current topics of dealing with the existing building stock and on re-use and sustainability.

We offer all services of HOAI §52 structural design.

We are members of the VBI and the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers and are qualified structural planners / engineers specialising in civil engineering in accordance with § 43 Para. 3 No. 3 LBO.

Prof. Dr Christian Schuler is a member of various standards committees and the DIBt expert committee for glass in construction and bonding technology.

A list of his scientific publications can be found here.

Structural engineering

Structural engineering

The development of optimised load-bearing structures, taking into account architectural, economic, ecological and structural aspects, is a challenge that we are happy to take on.

Our spectrum ranges from high-rise buildings of any materiality to innovative façade constructions.

Regardless of whether you are planning a new building or the conversion or renovation of an existing building, we advise, plan and construct with all known and innovative building materials and are also happy to advise you on the eligibility for planning permission for unusual projects.

Expert opinion

Expert opinion

We act as private experts for insurance companies, public and private clients in the field of structural engineering. Since 2006, Prof. Dr Christian Schuler has been publicly appointed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Karlsruhe as an expert in the field of glass in construction. Since then, he has provided approx. 150 expert opinions in varying degrees of detail on national and international issues.

In addition to pure damage assessments, his work also includes the preparation of renovation concepts, rough cost calculations and forecasting models for damage development as a basis for catalogues of measures.

Professor Dr Christian Schuler is a member of the SVA of the German Institute for Structural Engineering in Berlin for the areas of glass in construction and bonding technology and supervises and assesses the corresponding approval procedures.

Through our activities in various specific national and international standardisation committees for the use of glass in structural engineering, we have a good collegial network of international experts as well as a high level of acceptance in international disputes.  

The close links with the Research Laboratory for Steel and Light Metal Construction and the Institute for Materials Research at Munich University of Applied Sciences mean that we have access to recognised test centres with sophisticated measurement technology and supporting colleagues, even for extensive root cause analyses.

Construction supervision

Construction supervision

As part of quality assurance, we carry out execution and construction monitoring.

In addition to the classic building site inspections in reinforced concrete and steel construction, our field of activity also includes monitoring in façade and glass construction.

In particular, our repertoire includes drawing up monitoring concepts for damage and renovation cases, as well as external monitoring. Furthermore, by linking up with material testing centres and the addition of external colleagues, we can also organise, accompany and evaluate the accompanying sampling and assessment, in addition to purely visual inspections.

Approval in individual cases

Approval in individual cases

In façade construction in particular, but also increasingly in the classic engineering disciplines, innovative solutions are often adopted. As innovations cannot always comply with the recognised rules, such constructions or construction details are often regulated under building law in the approval procedure at the German Institute for Building Technology as well as project-specifically in the respective federal states in the approval procedure (approval in individual cases).

In almost all federal states, we have successfully supervised and assessed approvals in individual cases and have successfully coordinated corresponding approval concepts with the parties involved under building law.

Thanks to our long-standing and trusting cooperation with various testing centres, testing authorities and experts, we can provide you with reliable support in matters of official approval.

This means that you can be sure of deadlines, planning and costs at an early stage, even for non-regulated construction products or types of construction. Whether you need structural advice, a type statics or the complete handling of an approval procedure, we can help you with every aspect.